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Immersion-UK is an independent language school which specialises in providing unique full-immersion English courses in Southern England. We offer clients a professional and efficient learning experience, with an average of more than 70 hours a week of lessons, practical English practice and conversation sessions. Our courses allow clients to improve their English skills in a friendly, yet intensive and professional environment.

Our Executive full immersion English courses consist of a comprehensive study, accommodation and excursions programme designed to ensure that you both achieve your aim of improving your English skills, and also enjoy the experience to the full. The English language is not just a collection of grammar rules; it's a way of life, tied to English culture. Our full immersion English courses will add life and meaning to your English by immersing you in the culture.

Full Immersion English

The main benefit of a full-immersion English course in England is that you are totally surrounded by the country, the atmosphere, the people and the language. Not just 'classroom English' but real English. You have daily lessons to learn about English, to expand your vocabulary and learn how to use the language.

Surrounded by English speakers, you are forced to use the language all day, every day. Your listening skills are developed by speaking to many different people, learning to recognise different accents. You can't speak your own language in England, so you are forced to learn. It's a very effective way to improve your English language skills in a relatively short space of time.

Executive English Courses - Private English Courses

Our Executive English Courses are exclusive, private group courses. Our Executive Courses were originally created for corporate clients, allowing executives and managers to study together as a team, but they are open to groups of friends or even families who are looking for a unique learning experience.

english course in englandAn Executive Course offers a completely unique experience, allowing you experience a side of English culture and life which most people can only read about in magazines. You and your group will be housed in a beautiful English country house, which will be your home and classroom for the duration of your course.

Our English courses provide an additional feature that few schools offer. In addition to living in a beautiful English country house, you also share the house with two teachers, usually a married couple. In this way, your learning experience isn't limited to the classroom and your entire day is a constant English lesson. You have your meals with your teachers, have lessons, go on excursions and have evening conversation sessions with your teachers.

Unfortunately, availability of our Executive English courses is strictly limited because we never run more than one course a month. This means that we advise clients to book a minimum of 3 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

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