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executive englishPrivate Executive English Courses

Our Executive English Courses are private courses, suitable for groups of between 8 and 20 students. Our Executive English Courses allow you to work and study together as a team without unwelcome distractions and include personalised lessons, designed to satisfy your specific needs and requirements.

A unique learning experience

Our courses are truly unique. In addition to a tailor-made course program, your group lives and studies in a luxurious English country mansion with two English teachers. You can live and breathe a classic English countryside lifestyle while at the same time enjoying a learning experience which starts at breakfast and continues into the evening.

Executive English Courses

An Executive English Course is aimed at Business Executives, who generally want to study Business English in order to develop stronger relationships and trade more effectively with international clients or suppliers.

Our executive courses allow you to focus on those areas of English which are the most important to you. Whether you need to concentrate on presentations, meetings, sales negotiations, customer services or simply need to improve your general English fluency in order to socialise with clients, we can create a bespoke course for you.

english group course

Our course format provides a comfortable balance between learning and relaxation. In a normal week, you benefit from over 70 hours of lessons, language practice and conversation with teachers.

This mixture of English lessons, daily use of English during excursions and continuous conversation sessions ensures that your English course doesn't become too tiring, yet provides a continuous learning experience.

One group, two levels

Unless you prefer to study as a single group, we divide groups of 8 or more students into two smaller groups for lessons, allowing teachers to pay more attention to the needs of each individual and giving everybody more 'speaking time'. One advantage of this is that if your group contains students of two different language levels, they can be taught independently.

english country life

The English country life

Take an Executive English Course with us and enjoy a relaxing stay in one of England's classic country houses, immersed in the world of an English Lord!

Surrounded by traditional English culture in the English countryside, your stay in England will bring added life and meaning to your English. Our accommodation page includes examples of the properties we can use.

English course prices and availability

Every executive English course is priced independently, depending on many factors. For a quote and confirmation of availability, we need your ideal course start date(s) and duration, the number of people in your group, the number of bedrooms required and any additional requirements you have.

Courses are subject to availability and no course can be guaranteed until a confirmed order and your deposit payment has been received

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Other English Courses

Immersion UK also provide One-to-One English courses and Mini-Group courses for groups of up to 4 people.

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